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To all of the men and women currently serving and to the many veterans who proudly and honorably served, we salute you.  To all of the families who have lost loved ones in battle, we remember you and thank you for the service that was given.  Veteran’s Day only lasts a short time, but our gratefulness does not end.  Thank you!

In honor of the day, we compiled some links and websites related to Veteran’s Day. To learn more about its history, go here.


There are some fantastic organizations working with our veterans.  See the links below to learn more about the programs and how you may be able to help.

  • Train a Dog—Save a Warrior connects warriors with PTSD with trained TADSAW’S PTSD service dogs. Although TADSAW is based in San Antonio, Texas, the program has Dog Trainers and Teams in-training all over the United States, including Tennessee. It is a small organization taking on the weight of the problem, and not putting limitations as to the Veterans surviving with PTSD from World War II to the present.  In Tennessee, TADSAW has taken 91 applicants with 55 training or waiting to find a shelter dog and 14 service dog teams accredited.  Go here or here to learn more about their organization and how you can help.
  • Honor Air Knoxville is a local organization providing free trips to Washington DC for area veterans.  They are currently accepting applications for veterans of WWII and Korea.  Many of our clients have had the opportunity to fly with Honor Air and describe it as a trip of a lifetime. Go here for more information about applying for a vet, volunteering, or donating.
  • The Wounded Warrior Project has a mission to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members.  To learn more about this national organization, go here.
  • One more simple way to help those currently serving in the military is to send them coupons that they can use at commissaries.  Gabrielle’s daughter’s Girl Scout troop is collecting current and expired coupons (the commissaries will take them up to 1 month from expiration) to mail to a regional military base.  If you would like to help, you may drop off or mail coupons to our office to Gabrielle Blake’s attention. This project will last through April of 2014.

Veteran’s Services

For services for veterans, the US Dept of Veteran’s Affairs and the State of Tennessee Office of Veteran’s Affairs are fantastic resources.  The State of Tennessee Office of Veteran’s Affair office in Knoxville is where we recommend clients visit when applying for Aid and Attendance.  Contact our office if you have any questions about how these resources might fit into your Life Care Plan.

Freebies and Fun

Many stores and restaurants offer discounts or freebies for military men and women and veterans.  For a listing of some of these great deals, go to Real Housewives Clip Coupon’s blog post here.  If you are looking for a fun activity for today, consider attending the Knoxville Veteran’s Day Parade.

Thank you to our veterans!  God Bless our great United States of America!


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